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Room Rental at Ginger

room rental at ginger

We are always looking for great new therapists to join us here at ginger!

What a great place to practice - really friendly people in a fabulous modern looking environment - I love it!

ginger natural health – room rental at ginger

Our premises in St Albans are modern and stylish offering reception and booking facilities and ample parking for both therapists and clients. We are a multi-disciplinary practice with in excess of 20 therapists working with us.

We pride ourselves on offering our client base here in St Albans the best of client care and the widest range of choice on offer in the area for both their good health and relaxation all under one roof.

We offer marketing under the umbrella of a health dedicated environment. We have many therapists who have been with us since we opened in 2007, however we also have many that have joined us since, without a client list, and have built their business here with us at ginger.

We are looking for committed professionals to work with our very loyal customer base. We require a range of self employed complementary therapists to work from our busy city centre location with commitment to building a long term practice with us.

We appreciate that your success is our success so we work very hard, with you, to make it happen!

If you think that you could join us and enhance our team then get in touch either by email at:

or call us on 01727 869929 for a chat and to arrange a time to come in and have a look around.

I have been a therapist for almost 10 years and in 2012 I took the plunge to become self employed after a lot of encouragement from Suzie. This is a decision I will never regret. I have always been passionate about what I do and I love my job but I love it even more since joining Ginger Natural Health.

All my clients love the calm, tranquil & professional feel Ginger offers. The rooms are beautifully decorated and maintained and it is easily accessible to all. This is a truly wonderful place to work and the staff are a delight to be with. I cannot recommend Ginger highly enough not just to therapists but to anyone wishing to have a treatment here.

Nadya Giffen

Complementary Therapist/Beautician.

Ginger Natural Health is the perfect place to grow your practice. It is in a prime location in the heart of St Albans. The receptionists take care and accommodate each therapist to their personal requirements There is support from extra marketing and offers are also put in place which definitely aids in keeping my business busy at all times.

Sam Rushbrooke

Sports Massage Therapist

I have been a practitioner with ginger for almost 3 years. Ginger provides excellent reception, booking and room facilities suitable for the majority of medical disciplines, and the team are always willing to support where possible. With its position in central St Albans and close car parking facilities, it is a very good centre for any dedicated clinical practitioner looking to build a practice.

Sarah Clark


I moved into the area two years ago as a qualified Massage, Facial Therapist and Reflexologist. I wanted to find somewhere to rent a room and a friend of mine told me to get in contact with Suzie at Ginger.  So I went along and had a long chat with Suzie and I have never looked back!

The rooms are fantastic and Suzie and her team have helped me build my business up, its a great place to work.

Nicky Goss

Massage & Reflexology

I've been working at Ginger now for nearly 7 years. It was a great place to begin my business. I found it quick to build a client basis due to its great location and friendly atmosphere.

As a beauty therapist, I prefer Ginger's environment to a hectic Salon. I find it much calmer and feel I can be more intimate and one on one with my clients. I hope to change and grow my business here over the next few years.

Katie Brazier

Beauty Therapist

I have worked at Ginger Natural Health since 2012 and am extremely happy with my experience. The staff are friendly, hard working, efficient, and have helped me develop my business substantially. I would highly recommend Ginger to any prospective therapist.

Adam Sealey



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