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Treatments at Ginger

treatments at ginger

Treatments at ginger, to unwind, to relax, to repair and to heal. The right treatment for you is at ginger.

The following treatments have their own dedicated pages, please click on the links to find out more.

Acupuncture Beauty and facials Massage Pregnancy and fertility Reflexology

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine

The fundamental principle of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine is to restore balance and harmony of mind and body, re-establishing order to system malfunction, treating both the cause of disease and the manifesting symptoms and/or pain. As treatment is aimed at the root cause of the condition as well as the symptoms, a more permanent solution to the problem can be found.


Beauty & Facials

Beauty including manicures & pedicures, waxing, threading & tinting, IPL and Nd Yag laser treatments and glorious facials available every day of the week at ginger. For every lady and gentlemen who wants to look and feel fantastic come and experience our friendly and professional services.



Our policy at ginger is that one type of massage is not right for all! There are many different massages for many different reasons, for relaxation, for stress, for injury, for pain. So our massages are tailored to our clients’ individual needs. We pride ourselves on finding the right massage and the right massage therapist for you.


Pregnancy & Fertility

Our aim is to improve and maintain the health of both parents and child, from pre-conception through to post-natal. A healthy conception is not just about fertility but the entire process from development of healthily matured eggs and sperm, to a smooth full-term pregnancy and birth of healthy babies.



A therapy which works to restore the body to a state of balance. Reflexology can be used to restore and maintain the body’s natural equilibrium and encourage healing.

Suitable for all ages, reflexology is a natural therapy which may be used for both relaxing the mind and body and counteracting stress.


We also offer the following range of treatments provided by fully qualified therapists at ginger.

Body Sculpture

Body Sculpture is a combined diet and exercise programme that's tailored specifically to you. Based on information such as your weekly activity and eating habits, you will receive a personalised guide that will walk you through everything you need to know about correctly managing your own diet and exercise. This programme is suitable for anyone, whether your goal is to lose weight, gain muscle or just to feel healthier.


Body Stress

Body Stress Release offers a gentle and effective way to help your body to release stored tension from the muscles. Body Stress can lead to pain, stiffness, numbness and cramp, this reduces your body's natural self-healing ability. BSR works with your body’s natural desire to be stress free, it is a complementary health technique that was developed in South Africa and is now practised worldwide.


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a subtle and profound healing form. In a typical craniosacral session, you will usually lie (or sometimes sit) fully-clothed on a treatment couch. The therapist will make contact by placing their hands lightly on your body and tuning in.



Natural remedies have been around for thousands of years and homeopathy still has a part to play in our modern day living. For those seeking a natural alternative Ginger's homeopath will look not only at the client's symptoms but also their emotions, lifestyle, family and health history. Homeopathic remedies are prescribed for the individual, stimulating the body’s natural healing power.



Hypnotherapy can help you to regain control in your life when you feel that life may be out of balance because of unwanted symptoms, habits or problems. There are many problems which we may perceive as dominating us, hypnotherapy can assist in helping you to look at these in a different way. Treatment to assist with smoking cessation, weight loss, depression, fear and phobias and many other issues.


Life Coaching & NLP

Life Coaching & NLP can assist in many areas of everyday life where there are decisions to be made. They can help with issues of self-esteem and confidence building, letting go of unwanted behaviours, phobias or traumatic memories, support with career change and other life decisions. These therapies can also enhance the benefits of other therapies you may be undertaking, such as creating lifestyle shifts that enable maintenance of nutritional change, pain or stress management.


Nutritional Therapy

Analysing diet, understanding the connections to health problems and guidance towards positive changes are key aspects of nutritional therapy. A detailed consultation will help to determine the underlying imbalances in your diet which could be leading to health problems. A nutritional and lifestyle plan will then be devised along with recipe and food ideas.



Osteopaths believe strongly in the healing power of the body and do their best to facilitate that strength. Osteopathy shares many of the same goals as traditional medicine, but places greater emphasis on the relationship between the organs and the musculoskeletal system as well as on treating the whole individual rather than just the disease.



This form of healing is deeply relaxing and reiki can be hands on or hands off of the body. Reiki healing can be given anywhere at any time as no special equipment is needed. The practitioner is a channel which the energy is drawn through by the need or imbalance in the recipient.



Yoga is a safe, accessible and rewarding experience. No one is exempt from yoga, it is for any age and any ability. Yoga helps the body and mind to work together. Ginger offers one to one sessions in yoga either on a one off or regular basis to encourage health and fitness.

All courses of treatment are purchased from, and are the responsibility of,

one specific therapist and are valid for one year (unless otherwise stated).

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