Changing diet has affected me positively on the court, says Novak Djokovic

Eating gluten-free products since 2010 has been the key for Novak Djokovic to constantly play at a top-level. For the Serbian player, medicine and food are extremely important. 'Well, I think everybody here wants to be healthy, right? So you're always trying to find the way to stay healthy, to, you know, learn more about medicine, I guess, basic conservative medicine and then alternative medicine, which is I think is a little bit put aside in the last few decades,' Djokovic said. 'But in looking at all the documents that the eastern medicine, oldest medicine in the world, Chinese medicine goes over 5,000 years old, there are different ways of healing, of keeping your body fit, keeping your mind and soul aligned. Everybody has a different way.

It's a very, I'd say, a wide spectrum of things to talk about when you mention medicine and alternative medicine, but it plays an important part in my life. I have learned a lot of things, you know.

I don't say it's only, you know, the medications and classical medicine; it's not only alternative medicine. The best is to find the balance between the two in the middle that kind of keeps you healthy. But, again, in my life, I have witnessed and I have felt a change that has affected me positively on the court and in the private life, as well when changed my diet.

You know, that's one of my main interests in life, I would say, is well‑being, you know, trying to learn more about it.' Speaking about the importance of footwork, Djokovic said:'Footwork is essential.

You touched the right subject. If you want to hit the shot properly, you have to be in the right balance. To be in the right balance, you need to have the right footwork and you need to try to adjust to the ball. Obviously, a variety of surfaces require a variety of footwork and adjustment in the same element.

I have been dedicating quite a lot of time on and off the court to that matter, and I have been fortunate with a team of people that I have.

I think they are experts in their fields, in their professions, and they are making sure I am, you know, developing that footwork, you know, regarding the place or the surface where I'm playing.

So I think it's very, very important, if not the most important thing.

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