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Restoring and maintaining the body’s natural equilibrium and encouraging healing, reflexology is a deeply relaxing treatment.  A well established, natural and effective therapy sitting alongside orthodox medicine to rebalance hormones and encourage deep relaxation.

Reflexology for fertility and in pregnancy is a speciality at ginger.  The additional support gained from Reflexology can alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy and help you relax, improving your energy levels and contributing to a natural birth.

Reflexology can help you relax, improve mood, aid sleep and reduce tension.

reflexology for fertility

for fertility

Reflexology is based on the reflex points on specific areas of your hands and feet.  Pressure on these reflex points stimulates or restores the flow of energy within the body, ensuring that you are in the best place in body and mind to conceive.

Reflexology can help with both ovulation and menstral cycle problems and rebalance hormones, assisting with relaxation and the reduction of stress helping to make conception more likely.  It is a ‘go to’ therapy for women’s health. 

Many women use reflexology as a complementary therapy alongside fertility treatments to maintain optimum health of mind and body to conceive.

Stressed Woman

for stress and anxiety

Reflexology dates back to the 19th century and works by stimulating the nervous system. 


Certain areas on the feet stimulate the nerves, which sends messages to the central nervous system, helping to relax the body, slow the breathing, and support the body's own natural immune responses.  It can enhances your mood, and help to maintain the flow of energy through the body.


Reflexology is relaxing and calming; helping to lower your blood pressure and heart rate and enabling you to sleep better.  Thus having a positive effect on the reduction of anxiety and stress and your general quality of life.

Reflexology Therapy

for general health & wellbeing

Reflexology helps to keep your body strong and healthy, it can boost your immune system and aid in recovery from illness. When the body is in balance it can ward off illness and maintain equilibrium of both body and mind. Reflexology is the most nurturing way of giving yourself time and space whilst
giving the additional benefit of stimulating the immune system.

Regular reflexology can improve blood circulation throughout the body, assisting in moving blood and oxygen around the body more efficiently. The result is that more oxygen reaches our vital organs optimizing their functioning and increasing metabolism.

A good reflexology session can improve the functionality of organs therefore boosting your metabolism and energy levels, leaving you both calm and energised.

Reflexology can also be used to assist in the reduction of headaches and migraines by relieving tensions which often result in these conditions.

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