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Acupuncture and Covid - A Case Study


Kasia one of our acupuncturists at Ginger has compiled this case study to illustrate how acupuncture can help in a post covid recovery,

A female patient aged 28 has suffered covid in August 2021. The duration of initial viral invasion was 10 days, symptoms included loss of taste and smell, achy joints and muscles, high temperature, blocked sinuses, chest infection and cough.

Despite testing negative after 10 days she has been left with tiredness, phlegm in throat, especially in the morning and having sore throat on and off. She decided to try acupuncture as none of the symptoms cleared within three months after recovering from Covid.

On the initial appointment she also complained about bitter taste in mouth, muzzy head, feeling heat in the face and upper body as well as vivid dreams, that would happen every night since she had Covid.

After the first appointment the patient reported feeling less fatigue and tired, also the phlegm in the throat was not present every morning, however the dreams and feeling of heat were still there. The patient was attending acupuncture sessions every fortnight, as it has not been possible to attend every week.

Fatigue and tiredness have improved after three treatments and phlegm has cleared completely.

During the fourth treatment the patients face became less red and the bitter taste has dissapeared.

On the fifth appointment the patient has reported no more vivid dreams or bitter taste, she has also reported being much calmer and feeling more herself .

Follow up appointments to help to rebuild the energy levels and harmonise all the body are now booked every three weeks.

If you would like to find out how acupuncture can help your recovery, book an acupuncture appointment online today.

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