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Avoid Back Pain When Working from Home

Back pain

Throughout the pandemic, we have been treating clients with back neck and shoulder issues from working from home. Who knew that we would be working from home for this long and without ergonomically designed workstations, we are definitely starting to feel the pain.

We have a team of experienced therapists including massage, sports therapy and osteopathy who can help to treat the pain, but there are also some quick wins that you can do to help you to avoid getting into painful situations. One obvious one is not to work on the sofa!

Start Your Day with a Stretch

So simple stretches of your arms and shoulders maybe with a resitance band can set you up for the day ahead. Don't just leave it to the morning, you can take stretch breaks throughout the day. Don't forget your knees and hips too.

Set Up Your Chair for Success

Ensure that you have a good quality chair to work in. Check the height of your chair and that your eyeline is in the middle of your screen and that you look staright ahead at it. A chair that is too low will put too much pressure on your knees and hips. Too high will make your back and neck ache due to hunching. The ideal height means that you legs are firmly on the ground with your elbows rested at a 90 degree angle.

Stay Fuelled

Eating and drinkign properly is a key part of any health routine. You could also consider taking a supplement for joint health to protect yourself.

Get Moving

For those of us with a fitness tracker we are constantly getting buzzed to keep moving, don't ignore them! Make sure you take a break from your desk each hour and get moving,. Maybe even incorporate some stretches into your breaks.

Stay Calm

Working from home away from your support network comes fraught with its own levels of stress, So make sure that you remain calm, maybe try meditation or don't forget to take the time to talk to other colleagues. Stress can cause levels of cortisol to soar in your body which causes inflammation and therefore more pain and tension in your back, shoulders and hips.

If you are suffering with pain, our team of experts at Ginger can help. You can call us on 01727 869929 or book a treatment online today.

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