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Child Craniosacral Therapy (CST)

  • 55 minutes
  • 60 British pounds
  • London Road

Service Description

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle but powerful touch therapy that enables the restoration of balance, harmony, and wellbeing from within. During our life, we encounter situations of stress, trauma, shock, injury or even childbirth trauma -affecting in the long term our inner ability to restore natural health. This can affect our stress responses to life events, hormonal imbalances, postural misalignment and the "Breath of life" that form us. The Breath of life is the fluctuation of fluid within the body, carried by the cerebrospinal fluid which brings life and health to every tissue and cell in the body. Craniosacral therapy work on the cranial sacral system formed by the brain (and cranial nerve), meninges, spinal cord, cerebrospinal fluid and cranium bones. The name Craniosacral therapy was coined by an Osteopath -Dr Upledger, who wrote the book "Your inner physician and you" The session takes place fully clothed lying down on a couch for 50-55mins The therapist is able to create a space to release and restore balance. Everyone responds to the treatment differently, some might cry, or feel cold or hot, tingling or just a sense of peace. CST can benefit: Headache or migraine Insomnia Back and neck pain release TMJ disfunction Digestive problems and IBS Stress and anxiety Chronic fatigue Fibromyalgia Tired all the time Overwhelm Craniosacral therapy is suitable for all ages from baby to grown-up.

Cancellation Policy

If you would like to cancel. please call on 01727 869929 or email at, to let us know and reschedule. Any bookings cancelled within 24 hours may be charged in full.

Contact Details

  • Ginger Natural Health, London Road, St Albans, UK

    01727 869929

Ginger rents rooms to the therapists and all therapists at ginger are self employed and carry their own public liabilities insurance, by booking you acknowledge that you are booking directly with the therapist.

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