Positions don't matter and different foods CAN help: Fertility expert busts the most common myth

  • One in six Australian couples experience difficulty in conceiving

  • New South Wales fertility expert Dr Sonya Jessup debunked common sex myths

  • The medic said late 20s and throughout the 30s is the best time to try

  • She revealed certain foods can also boost your chances of becoming pregnant

  • Positions don't matter and using lubricant can reduce the chance of conception


Reproduction and fertility is a topic of discussion that many are less informed about than they would care to admit.

Playground rumours and old wives' tales about sex often prevail well into adulthood, particularly regarding when women are likely to fall pregnant in any given month.

In Australia, it is estimated that one in every six couples will struggle to conceive, leading a growing number of people to seek fertility treatment.

Dr Sonya Jessup, a fertility expert based in New South Wales, recently sat down with Kidspot to debunk a host of the mo