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Is slouching better than sitting up straight?


Many of us slouch so much throughout the day that, when home time comes round, our noses are practically grazing our desks. Sitting up straight takes a lot of effort, and possibly continuous yoga classes too.

We’ve been told slouching is bad for us since since our schooldays - but school and desk jobs aren’t exactly conducive to having a ramrod straight spine. Then we get home and slump in front of the TV.

We’ve know all this slumping and slouching can result in stiff necks and unpleasant back pain, as well as bad posture.

This is because, when we slouch, we’re putting more pressure on our spines as the weight of our head increases, meaning our back has to over-compensate.

But slouching may not actually be as bad as your teachers and parents made out.

According to a paper published last year, slump-sitting postures helped increase the amount of fluid in between spinal discs, which in turn helps to reduce stiffness in the joints, The Sun reports.

The study by physiotherapists at the University Hospital of North Tees in Durham concluded that some slouching can “provide a valuable alternative to sitting upright”.

Gavin Smith, an osteopath from London, told the Mail Online: “There’s this cultural ideal, and even whole industries, that would argue slouching is not good for us. “While sitting straight activates muscles in the abdomen, pelvis and back, slump-sitting relaxes them, and so some periodic relaxation is helpful.”

Not just this, but sitting with a straight back and our feet flat on the floor can lead to spinal tension — even breathing problems. If you are a sloucher, then if you get up and walk around every so often, then that’s OK.

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