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Are you being electrified? Say NO to G5


There was a time when we didn’t know if non-ionising radiation from mobile phones, with a wavelength somewhere between radio waves and microwaves, was harmful. But now we know it is. That is why a) mobile phone signals are classified as a carcinogenic hazard following clear evidence of both a doubling of risk of an aggressive type of brain cancer, glioma, incidence of which has increased ten fold in 30 years and, last year, clear evidence that glioma cells, if exposed to a normal mobile phone signal, show DNA fragmentation which is a marker for cancer risk.

Harder to prove and research is the effect of ambient electromagnetic radiation (EMR) from the network of masts and routers, although the evidence is growing. The shorter the wave gets, in the high microwave frequency as opposed to lower radiowave frequency, the more it is perceived like light thus potentially disrupting quality of sleep most likely via reduced melatonin production, which is a key brain antioxidant. However, there is accumulating evidence from now thousands of studies of much more potential areas of harm, well covered in an ongoing review by Powerwatch, including a reduction in fertility.

That is why I have been advising not to sleep near a WiFi router, digital phone base station and to turn your phone off, or into airplane mode, when sleeping. Even better would be to turn the router off, perhaps with a timed plug, giving you low EMR while you sleep. Also, don't live next to a transmitting mast or sleep on the other side of the wall of a Smart meter, which is beaming information back to the provider.

The proposed move to G5 should considerably multiply all these risks. Why?

G5 is a big step towards more dangerous high frequency waves, called millimeter wave (mmWave). Also, being much shorter waves these signals cannot pass through obstacles thus substantially more transmitters are needed to reach people’s routers, smartphones etc. This means approximately a one thousand fold increase in transmitters. In other words every city dweller, which will soon be two thirds of humanity, will be bombarded with this untested level of EMR, as will all animals and insects. Bees, for example, have already been shown to be harmed by existing EMR at a fraction of the power.

According to Emeritus Professor Biochemistry, Martin Pal, at Washington State University, “Putting in ten of millions of G5 antennae without a single biological test has to be about the stupidest idea anyone has had in the history of the world.”

If you really want higher download speeds that can delivered along fibre optic cables, direct into homes and offices, then at least you’d have a choice what to do. For example, I like Devolo’s DLAN boxes which enable your router to send signals along your electrical wiring to a box on any plug socket. You plug the device into any plug socket and can either Bluetooth to it (much lower risk) or plug straight in with an Ethernet cable into your computer. Then you can turn off the ‘wifi’ function of the router. Anyway, the point is you have options to protect yourself.

On the other hand, if your neighbour installs a G5 transmitter/receiver you are being electrified with no say - and we have no idea yet what that will do.

The UK government, who have made millions selling off the ‘airwave rights’ to the mobile industry, seem to be ignoring the issue and their responsibility to protect the public. The mobile industry appear to have no commitment to fund independent research or delay development until done.

So I say we should SAY NO TO G5 until and unless it is proven safe or limited in some way, such as fibre optic cables.

How? Sign this international petition

If you’d like to read more the Green Party have a well thought through bill prepared for parliament which details all the human rights violations that going ahead with G5 right now violates.

See more at Patrick Holford.

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